Why Tennis Players Are Marriage Material

As a relationship and dating expert (every woman needs a side hustle), I always keep my eyes peeled (sorry hubs) for new prospects for my friends while I’m attending sporting events. The French Open is happening later this month, and although international travel may or may not be allowed (dependent upon your vaccine status), that shouldn’t deter you from picking out a potential future partner via the TV. Below are some reasons why tennis players make for great marriage material.

  1. International travel. Now I know what you’re thinking. Yes, there are other sports that allow for international travel as well, but it’s the French Open. You’re sitting in Paris. How romantic! This isn’t the Everton F.C in Liverpool,  England and you’re sitting on bleachers since it’s creation in 1892. If you’re going to England, you go for Wimbeldon, duh. Fights don’t break out on Worple Road. This isn’t Green Street. The hooligans are over at Boleyn Ground. Well actually, they moved in 2016. Moving on…
  2. Florida livin’. Who wouldn’t want to reside in Florida half the year when you aren’t off at the matches with your athletic spouse? Plus it’s the better half of the year: season (October-April). A cool breeze, beachside with a crisp glass of nay’ nay’ (Chardonnay). Most training facilities for the pros, and even where they originally got their start are all in Bradenton, Florida or Delray Beach. Recognizable names like Serena Williams and John Isner have posted up in million dollar estates living luxe.
  3. The perfect shape. While some may like spouses who look like The Rock, others may salivate over the perfect combo of tan and toned. Tennis players are active and athletic. Unlike football players or baseball players where size may fluctuate dependent upon position, tennis players seem to keep a sturdy, modest physique that can be attractive and healthy. Who wants to feel crushed or be crushing someone in the boudoir all the time anyway?
  4. Hush Hush. It’s nice to sit in silence every now and again. It can be tiring listening to a rude fan yell at the batter over and over again about how terrible he is and what the guy next to you could have done better if he was the one playing. OK, Mr. Mustard stained t-shirt. You tell me that you could hit that 96mph fastball. In tennis, there’s respect for the serve, volley and even tension for match point. It makes the cheer even that much more enthusiastic for your partner when they win.

So, this summer head to a tournament (near or far) and ditch the beer for a nice glass of bubbly(it’s champagne, darling)! Get out there and mingle because these ladies and gentleman get snatched up quickly!

2 thoughts on “Why Tennis Players Are Marriage Material

  1. I was always amazed and somewhat baffled by the fact that pro bowlers had such hot wives. But then I’m probably the dude with the mustard on his shirt.

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