Talk to the Media Athletes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When you make millions of dollars, you do not bite the hand that feeds you. I repeat, when you make millions of dollars, you cannot bite the hand that feeds you. That seems to be the notion that athletes are consistently forgetting to adhere to nowadays. It’s a shame really, because the media is one of if not the prime reason that athletes become overnight millionaires and have their brands expanded to the point where the great grandchildren of said athletes will be set for life financially.

Take Naomi Osaka for example. Look I get that talking to the media may bring an athlete anxiety and I am totally sympathetic and empathetic to that, I used to play professional baseball overseas myself. However, the one thing  that Osaka failed to take into account as she brought home a whopping 55 million dollars last year is that talking to the media was part of her contract, a contract that had universally expanded her brand into a stratosphere that the average Joe could not comprehend financially. Like any job, there are always aspects of it that people will not enjoy. The part I don’t totally get is that if it had been such an issue before, then why come out now to speak about it if it was always prevalent. Is it because now that she has 55 million dollars in the bank that she doesn’t have to worry about something along the lines of making ends meet? That question I cannot answer, but the notion of being paid millions of dollars and going home and never having to talk to the press is, I’m sorry, not something that is going to come to fruition anytime soon, so young athletes need to be wary of that when they excel at a given sport.

This has been an expansion of what has gone on with the NBA for this entire season, where athletes stiff both the media and actual games, which is just laughable to me! The biggest problem, in my own humble opinion, is that the penalties aren’t stiff enough. Having Kyrie Irving pay a 33 thousand dollar fine when he makes 33 million dollars a year is asking for pennies on the dollar, so until the fines are stiffer for players stiffing the media, this will be a problem that is prevalent in popular society that will never be solved and constantly exist! ‘Tis a total shame, BUT, it is the price we as fans pay for allowing athletes to make exorbitant amounts of money, buying their memorabilia, tickets to games, so they are in a position to not want to speak to the media. Like Marcellus Wiley so eloquently said “it’s the price you pay for making your millions”.


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