Rob Manfred Has Rare Moment of Clarity: Realigns MLB Leagues

If you believed the headline, you should probably stop reading right now. No chance Rob Manfred would ever allow common sense to intrude on his fanatical attempt to drive baseball into the ground. If Robby had an ounce of sense, he might consider realigning MLB to take better advantage of geographical proximity and natural rivalries. Sadly, we all know that Manfred doesn’t have the brainpower to attempt such a thing.

Manfred won’t do it, so I did. Not that anyone in the MLB front office would notice or even care. Obviously, some great rivalries already exist, but others not so much, simply because some teams geographically close to others are in different divisions or leagues. Realignment would help to boost the rivalry interest. Such an arrangement also cuts down a bit on travel. Since teams play more games within their own division, it makes sense to make divisions based more on location.

New, Interesting Rivalries

This arrangement preserves existing rivalries: Red Sox/Yankees and Giants/Dodgers. It would add new interest to others: Marlins/Rays, Cubs/White Sox, Astros/Rangers. New rivalries based on geographic proximity and being in the same division include: Cardinals/Royals, Mets/Phillies, Dodgers/Angels, and others.

Yes, such a realignment would upset a whole lot of so-called ‘purists’ who hate change. Let’s remind our skeptics that the Milwaukee Brewers began life as an AL team (27 years.) The Houston Astros spent their first 50 years in the National League.

This reminds me of the nimrods who freak out over the possibility of adding Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico as states. It’s some vague bellowing about upsetting the number of stars on the flag. Let’s remind those folks that the U.S. began with 13 states, not 50. Or – and I am not making this up – the U.S. only had 48 states until I was 5 years old. No, really.

Relax, haters. No one is going to take your beer away. It’s just some ruminating on an interesting idea (pissing Rob Manfred off.)