Khris Middleton For Finals MVP?

In a league where diva superstars reign supreme, NBA fans are finally able to see the most underappreciated star in the NBA today, Khris Middleton. In a road Game 5 of the NBA finals Middleton put up another 29 points and was the driving force of the team down the stretch. He also scored 40 points in game 4. He hits clutch shot after clutch shot when the game slows down. When Giannis is unable to run like a gazelle up and down the floor, Middleton is there. When it’s crunch time, Khris Middleton shines the brightest. He’s a big reason the Milwaukee Bucks are one win away from their first NBA title since Piano Man by Billy Joel came.


The Middleton Factor

Thanks CJ. Middleton is a guy who goes about his business. He plays the game the right way and plays best when his back is against the wall. In a league where you hear of a star complaining about requesting a trade or load management on a daily basis, Khris Middleton is an individual content to go about his business lunch pale style. You just can’t question his commitment. People are so quick to forget that in overtime to close out the Brooklyn Nets, a series nobody thought Milwaukee would win, he was the one who made all the clutch mid-range jump shots.


The most important thing that comes into play when it comes to Khris Middleton’s value to a team is his health. This year especially, the league has been an absolute crap shoot of health concerns for stars on literally every team. Giannis was almost lost for the rest of the playoffs with a knee injury. But Middleton has stood the test of time in an NBA schedule jam packed due to the COVID. That is no small feat.

If the Bucks do end up winning Game 6 in Milwaukee on Monday night, then don’t be surprised if Khris Middleton is the one taking and making the clutch shots down the stretch. That is why he should be the Finals MVP if they finish the job. If that does happen, he will turn into a man who dwelled in obscurity early in his career, but now has a legitimate chance of making the NBA Hall of Fame. The Suns are most certainly currently fearing the deer.