Kevin Hart Ruins Everything including Track and Field

Last weekend as I was watching the Kentucky Derby, and all the celebrities who act like even more dillholes once a year, (Miles Teller smoking a cigar and looking “cool”-gag), I was excited to see track star, Noah Lyles, interview on NBC about the upcoming Olympic trials.

Noah did not make the Olympics in 2016, but has come along way since and has a very good chance this year for the 100M and 200M events. The interview was your typical, upbeat and informative interview. When it was over, NBC cut to a commercial¬† promoting the United States track & field athletes starring none other than….Kevin Hart. With his Kevin Hart voice and his Kevin Hart walk, I just wanted to throw my terribly made mint julep all over the TV. Kevin may be a marathoner now, but he tries to make everything a show.

Does this guy spend so much money that he has to say yes to basically anything? Maybe he has to pay his ex-wife a good portion of money because he cheated. Maybe he is being blackmailed. These are the only reasons I can come up with as to why he is in everyone movie, TV show and commercial.

These athletes deserve a celebrity (and I even hate using the word celebrity), but they deserve a celebrity doing a commercial like this who is more humble. Who isn’t the “I do anything for money, PR and put my face on whatever you want” type. Kevin Hart is a businessman and does work hard. I respect that. Mark Whalberg is also a businessman. I respect that, too. (Although have you watched those arrogant 6 episodes on HBO “Whal-Street”?) But aren’t we tired of these over-hyped types? Many of these athletes are young, humble, and are there for born talent. It would be nice to see someone like Luke Wilson, who ran a half mile in under 2 mins and also ran the 400M, promote the olympics. Or even Gabrielle Union, who also ran track in High School. How many times can we hear Kevin’s signature “eehhh” before it just gets old and not funny anymore? I feel the Oscars this year were a great example of how burned out we are by celebrities. Don’t get me wrong, acting and stand up do take talent, however we may be in need of true competition at the Olympics. Celebrities get their Oscars, Billboards and even overtake the Derby, let the athletes shine in Tokyo.

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