Conor McGregor’s a Dick, But I Like Him And Here’s Why

I remember the first time I saw Conor McGregor fight. I was at a bar with a friend in 2014. I remember thinking “Who is this guy?”. Not only was he unstoppable in the ring, but his dickish behavior in the interview following the fight told me that he was going places. He hadn’t been in the UFC long (only about a year) and I already knew he was a fighter whose career I would be following.

The reasons I don’t mind Conor’s asshole behavior are as follows:

  1. He told his parents to fuck off. Conor’s parents wanted him to be a plumber. He tried it out and hated it. He worked 12+ hour shifts and then headed off to train MMA each day in order to go after what he enjoyed just to find his own happiness. When he tried to have a conversation with his parents about his passion for the MMA and wanting to pursue it full time, his parents disagreed. He wasn’t afraid to quit a stable job to go after his dreams. *all of a sudden there’s a rise in millennials telling their parents they’ve quit their corporate jobs and have gone rogue
  2. He’s a dedicated dickhead. In every aspect of his life, he gives 110% percent. Whether it’s towards his MMA training, to his fiancée Dee Devlin, his family, or growing his Proper No. Twelve whiskey label (has anyone ever actually seen this in a bar?), he will not only be cocky, but confident in getting the job done. He makes sure his family and Dee will never have to work, and I gotta say, I’m all about that life. *Joins                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  3. He knows how to sell. The Floyd fight for him was about money and fun. He wasn’t afraid of a challenge, a show and a spectacle. It was a sale. He made $100 million on that fight. If you watch any of his interviews post fight and he lost, he is usually somber, reflective, and a man of curse-less words. After this fight, he was making it rain all over Vegas. He knows what it takes to sell a fight. Any fight and Dana knows that too. *I wonder why I always miss any situation where money is rained. 
  4. He’s got dick-wit. He’s hilariously entertaining. Have you really listened to his one-liners? He’s witty. He can dish them out so quickly, like when the LA reporter asked both Nate & Conor to count to ten and Conor quipped “Nate can only count to 5”. He’ll even admit to you that he’s an entertainer and he’s good at it. Conor assumes he owns everything and that’s hilarious to watch. We see trash talk between every fighter, but how many fighters truly have good comedy gold without trying? Not many. *contemplates “comedy gold” t-shirt stand on fight nights
  5. He puts the Dram in Drama. Conor is a reality show himself. His relationship with retirement is like Cardi B & Offset’s marriage. In or out? At first, he was kicked out due to his reckless behavior. I mean who couldn’t get enough of the Khabib drama! (popcorn meme) But at some point my boy needed to grow up and I think he did. He was drinking tea on the way to his fights, so i mean that’s gotta be it, right? I guess I gotta start drinking less whisky and more tea. Conor will always bring the drama to the sport. *pitches McGregor reality show to network

In the end, Conor doesn’t give a shit about us. He knows how to play the game. The game he’s playing right now is the humble one in order to be allowed in the ring. Remember, he’s dealt with Dana since 2013. You begin to wonder, does Dana really need Conor after so long? Dana makes a good deal of money as is, and Conor isn’t getting any younger. Conor curbing his attitude is the smart choice in order to keep making money, but let’s not be fooled that our beloved dickhead is still there deep down. He’ll rear his head soon enough i’m sure, and I am here for it!

3 thoughts on “Conor McGregor’s a Dick, But I Like Him And Here’s Why

  1. “…his dickish behavior in the interview following the fight told me that he was going places.”

    Lol, great observation.

    Dana might not need him, but he certainly wants him.

    Best article on this site.

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