Bruce Cassidy Has Balls The Size Of Watermelons, And I Love It!

The Boston Bruins are down 3-2 to the New York Islanders in their playoff series, but it won’t be because their coach doesn’t have their back. It also won’t be because their coach is afraid to speak his mind publicly and go as far as to criticize officials, call out his own players, get fined $25K, and call the Islanders a bunch of pussies. I love this guy! I want coaches across the four major sports, even fucking cricket coaches, but not golf coaches, to take notice. This is what press conferences should be about, and this is what coaches should say about officiating.

I wish Steve Nash would call out bitch ass Kyrie Irving publicly, like Cassidy did with Jake DeBrusk earlier this year without even batting an eye. But he won’t because he is a scared bitch like the rest of them when it comes to upsetting the “Woke Mob” in the NBA. The product in the NBA will continue to suck until the league is taken back from the players. Learning lessons from Bruce Cassidy would be a great way to improve the product, in my opinion.

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