Booker Drops 42, CP3 Drops The GAME!

If someone said Game 4 was CP3’s worst-ever playoff game, I wouldn’t fight them on it. CP3 probably wouldn’t either.

There’s no I in team, but it’s also pretty hard to get an L when you get 42 points from one player. When a team loses, saying we have to be better is usually a fair take. When that player has 10 points, and 5 turnovers, that take isn’t as fair. Booker dropped 42 points on 28 shots and CP3 a mere 10 on 13.

CP3 fumbled that game like he did the rock most of Game 4. The series was most likely over in 5 if the Suns won that game. Now the Bucks have all the momentum in the world. Let’s see how this series plays out. CP3 is going to have to step it up if the Suns are gonna pull this off.