Boo!!! How the Biggest Idiots Ruined EUROs 2020 Finale

Meritocracy(n.)- a system, organization, or society in which people are chosen and moved into positions of SUCCESS, POWER, and INFLUENCE on the basis of their DEMONSTRATED ABILITIES and MERIT ALONE

Pretty straightforward, right? Not for many of the fans at the EURO 2020 Finale. Many English footballers consoled England forward Marcus Rashford after his missed PK. It became apparent quickly to everyone after the final whistle that Rashford had been the target of massive amounts of racist chant and racial slurs throughout the match.

Now, as a human being I’m pissed to say the least. But folks don’t come here to read political junkets and the like. They come here for opinions on sports and current sports stories. And this was a big one.

Sports: The Great Equalizer

Why did this story piss me off so much as a sports fan? Or as a former athlete myself? Because as someone that played sports through my adolescence, race/ethnicity (or even sex) wasn’t that big of a deal. The only thing that mattered: on 3rd & 3, was the WIL able to fight off his block and make the tackle before the line of gain? We didn’t care whether his folks/ancestors had been on this continent since the Signing of the Mayflower Compact (I’m a direct ancestor of one the signatories) or arrived here three months ago as a refugee from Vietnam. If the dude could play, he was gonna get more playing time and thus social currency than a scrub like myself. Case closed.

One thing I’ve always admired about sports is its ability to weed out pretenders and/or pretentious coaches sons. I’ve dealt with both. And on the idea that sports are a boys club exclusively, a girl/woman that could make that play on 3rd & 3 would be welcomed by teammates as well. All we wanted was to win, not worry about how it looked or how it sounded. Hell, I sometimes enjoyed winning ugly just as much as winning by six scores. It built toughness and resiliency into me and my teammates. This is what is so powerful about sports. Sports build character and unite people.

So with that being said:

1. To the fans who made racist slurs at Rashford… Shame!!! You’re an embarrassment and couldn’t lick his laces on the pitch. Go back to your meaningless lives.

2. Don’t think athletes are mostly close minded when it comes to diversity. We just want to compete and hopefully win. That’s all.

3. And if you think this article is somehow political, I don’t think you’ve ever played organized sports. You’re probably a Madden Joystick Wizard but more out of shape than an octogenarian. Get real!!!

So, let sports continue to be a meritocratic playing field. The mouth breathers are welcome here anyways.