Big Tex’s 100% Correct, Indisputable NBA Power Rankings

Now that Round 1 is officially over, I wanted to give my power rankings as we head into the 2nd round. I think the road to the championship is still pretty wide open, and i’m excited for the great basketball we have ahead of us.

1. Brooklyn Nets

This ranking should not be a surprise to anyone who has watched playoff basketball this year. The Nets had a strong showing against the Celtics, who are still a good team despite losing Jaylen Brown to injury. The reason I have them #1 has less to do with their performance and more to do with their potential. The Nets Big 3 had only played 8 games together before the playoffs, which had many people worried about how they would work together in the playoffs. They quickly dispelled these concerns, and Durant, Irving, and Harden combined for an average of nearly 90 PPG against the Celtics. They still have plenty of room to improve, and that’s what makes them the scariest team in the league.

2. Utah Jazz

Going into the playoffs, I knew the Jazz were good, but they really impressed me with their first round win over the Grizzlies. This team runs DEEP, with role players like Joe Ingles and Mike Conley dropping 20+ any given night. In addition to this, they have a bonafide superstar in Donovan Mitchell and the best defender in the league in Rudy Gobert. I’d be shocked if they lost in the 2nd round, whether they play the Mavs or the Clippers.

3. Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were the only team to sweep in the first round, with only one of their games being really competitive. They came out firing on all cylinders and got great performances from Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton. I’m excited to see how the Nets approach defending Giannis, and I think he’ll have some dominant games regardless of who the Nets throw at him. This series is going at least 6 games, and I think it’ll come down to how effective the Bucks defense is against the offensive juggernaut that is the Nets. Although I think the Nets will ultimately prevail, this Bucks squad is legit and are title contenders if they manage to win this series.

4. Phoenix Suns

Although the AD injury undoubtedly played a huge part in the Suns-Lakers series, Devin Booker and his squad still look great. The biggest concern for Phoenix is Chris Paul’s availability going forward- if he can get to 100%, it’s a real possibility that they win the West.

5. Atlanta Hawks

Ice Trae and the Hawks have been playing their best basketball of the year so far in the playoffs, and their dominant win over the 76ers in Game 1 proves they are legit. Embiid dropped 39 on the Hawks and the game still wasn’t competitive, so I think this series could be a quick one.

6. LA Clippers

The Clippers are one of the most talented teams in the NBA, and if they play to their potential, they definitely have a shot at the chip. However, I was underwhelmed at some points in their series against the Mavs. They dropped 3 home games and their role players weren’t great at times. Regardless, they pulled off two straight wins and are now tasked with playing the Jazz. Let’s see what kind of Clippers team we see come Tuesday.

7. Nuggets

The 7th spot here may make it seem like I have no faith in the Nuggets, but the truth is that most of the teams on this list are capable of a championship run, so it’s very hard to distinguish them. That being said, I do think this upcoming series against the Suns won’t bode so well for the Nuggets. I’m skeptical of how far they can go without Jamal Murray, and I think Devin Booker will overwhelm them.

8. 76ers

This ranking may be a hot take to some, but the 76ers performance tonight and the fact that Joel Embiid is playing on a torn meniscus makes me skeptical of what the 76ers can do in this series. I think they’ll need incredible bench performances to win this series, and I hope they keep it competitive.

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