3 Party Fouls That Keep Me Up At Night

No party is perfect. In fact, a good party always has some sort of party foul that lives on in everyone’s memory. However, there’s a clear line between funny party fouls and inexcusable mishaps. Here’s my list of fouls that’ll get you kicked out of my function.

1. Forcing Others To Drink

This one goes without saying. Oftentimes, the person doing this thinks they’re “the life of the party” or “making sure everyone has fun.” No. You’re creepy and weird, bro. I get it if you’re trying to have fun with your boys, but if you’re doing this to people you don’t know (especially girls), then you’re gonna get the boot.

2. Not Taking Care Of Your Crew

If you come with a group, you’re obligated to help them out if they’re in trouble. As a host, I’m not holding back your sorority sister’s hair or making sure your bro doesn’t get into a fight; that one’s on you, coach. My first move is to find who the person came with, and if that’s you, you better make a B-line to the person who needs you. I don’t care that you’re talking to Jessica from Chi O, you gotta take care of the situation or you won’t be a repeat guest at my place.

3. Fallen Soldiers

This one may sound snobby, but it’s one of the biggest pet peeves I have. If I see you put down a half-full drink, leave the room, and never return, I have lost nearly all my respect for you. Most of the time, the people who do this open 7 or 8 drinks, have about half of each one, and then brag about being 10 deep. This is the #1 way to tell people you’ve never been to a party before. Besides being tacky, it’s also a big waste of someone’s money. Drinks aren’t cheap. Have some class and finish what you started, for Pete’s sake.

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